Mission: Destroy a bomb-making factory

The Special Missions Team of the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, prepare to leave for their mission.

It is 2007. You are part of a two-squad special missions team organized by the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines. The battalion’s S-2 (intelligence officer) has intel of a bomb-making factory operating out of the Jaheeb, an isolated village in the Al-Anbar Province, Iraq.

Your team is called upon to strike at the factory. Your goals are to capture prisoners for enhanced interrogation; search for documents, cell phones, computers, etc.  concerning the terrorists’ contacts and activities, and destroy the facility.


Approximately 100 yards to the northeast of the village of Jaheeb is a small private compound. Intelligence confirms that it is a clandestine site for an unidentified terrorist group. A review of shipments to the compound suggests it likely that the compound is being used as a bomb-making facility.

This aerial photograph of the compound identities what is known / has a high likelihood of being accurate about the compound. As you plan your attack, consider the following:

The wadi to the east of the compound should provide a relatively safe and hard-to-be-spotted approach to the target site.

The edge of the Jaheeb is located 100 meters to the northwest. Although there are no police/militia/Iraqi military presence in the town, many locals are armed. It is unlikely that they would intercede on behalf of the insurgents, but be aware of the potential.

The main gate is guarded 24/7. Guards often patrol around the compound, but there is no regular pattern to these patrols. In fact, there are times when parts of the compound are not

patrolled for as long as half an hour.

If you attack at night, you will be given night-vision goggles. Your demolition experts will be supplied
with sufficient C-4 to breach any walls or doors
you need, or destroy any buildings.

You also will have silencers for your weapons. They will work twice before they degrade, and additional shots will be at full volume.

Stealth is key. If you can enter the grounds without being spotted, you may be able to kill several insurgents with silencers or knives without raising the alarm. Some guards may be asleep, and that will make them vulnerable.

Note that, day or night, insurgents are not well trained in small-unit tactics. They will hesitate. They will waste time discussing what to do (unless they see you, and then they’ll just shoot). It is possible that they will run the wrong way. Use this confusion to your advantage. They may have a cell phone or two, but you have com-links that allow immediate coordination. Use that ability.

Get in there, trim the enemy down to size, and then outfight them. If outnumbered, don’t trade fire in a fight of attrition. Fall back, ambush, outflank, toss smoke, throw grenades, draw the enemy into narrow alleys that are booby-trapped, etc. Fight hard. Fight tough. Fight like Marines.


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