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Steve, Rick, and Brian review the tactical situation in an Anglo-Saxon village, circa 500 A.D. As you can see, we’ve got a fine–if small–game room, with a dedicated table that’s carefully raised to a height where you can stand comfortably without getting a backache. The scenery ain’t shabby, either.Our Members

Ben Fornshell, aka Mr. Artillery. In Ben’s army, everything can be placed in two categories: long-range firepower and the enemy.

Favorite Rules: His own: Tabletop Battle System (TBS)

Favorite Gaming Period: Sci-fi

Favorite Saying: “Of course I like infantry. Somebody has to man the guns.”

Worst Gaming Moment: “That convention game when you realize that this is their playtest.”

Rick Horner, aka Easy-Going Man. One of those quiet types you have to worry about. Always good-natured, accepting defeat with the same magnanimity as victory. You just know there’s something wrong with the fellow.

Favorite Rules: Napoleon’s Battles

Favorite Gaming Period: Colonial

Favorite Saying: “That’s okay. I’m fine with that.”

Worst Gaming Moment: “When I’m not playing.”

Brian Kelley, aka Sean Connery. With his thick Scottish brogue, nearly incomprehensible after a few beers, Brian fights his battles in true Highland fashion: He charges forward despite the odds. This makes him very popular with opponents in modern games with lots of firepower.

Favorite Rules: Ace of War

Favorite Gaming Period: World War II

Favorite Saying: “I’m from the Lowlands of Scotland, you twit. Don’t you Yanks know anything about the rest of the world?”

Garrie Lossee, aka The Beer Meister. One of our longest-serving members, Garrie also is our tallest. But he brings beer and has a cheerful nature, so we overlook the fact that he “overlooks” us.

Favorite Rules: If it comes with beer, it’s his favorite.

Favorite Period: All of them.

Favorite Saying: “Hey, hey.”

George Mangano, aka The High-Roller.  A native Northern Virginian (don’t get him started on how things used to be in the old days before all the carpetbaggers showed up), George is most adept when leading irregular hordes in overwhelming numbers, such as American Indians, orcs, Zulus (and particularly as Chinese peasants armed with farming implements going up against Imperial Japanese troops in World War II). His die rolling is uncanny.

Favorite Rules: Anything where sixes are good. He’s trained all his life to roll high.

Favorite Gaming Period: Given that he is a self-described “Pony Express kind of guy on the information superhighway”–Horse and Musket.

Favorite Saying: “So many games, not enough time–feel free to quote.”

Steven Stark, aka Attack with everything; what does it matter if they all die?” Can’t decide if it’s better to stay still and wait for the enemy or attack. Either way, it does not seem to work. When he tries a flank attack, he takes the longest way around to do it. The more he drinks, the better a general he becomes. Does really well at conventions (so he says), but he can’t seem to do the same on Wednesdays. Needs rule sets where it is good to roll low.

Favorite Rules: Seven Years Variant of Volley and Bayonet

Favorite Saying: “Give me new dice. I hate these dice.”

Worst Gaming moment: “Way too numerous to mention. Most likely any game using Fire & Fury, as I really hate those rules, especially when I line up lots of troops against one weak unit, then I roll badly and do no damage–but my troops are slaughtered by a single good roll of my opponent. That or some version of a Games workshop rules set where I can’t make a saving throw to save my life.”

Best Gaming Moment: “I know good game moments exist, or I would not keep coming as I’m not a masochist. I really have had many good moments, but one that sticks in my mind is when I lost every battle as a French commander during a French & Indian War campaign and even Louisburg fell. But my Indian still looted and burned Alexandria (Va.) to the ground. It was my only victory, but it gave me a a large amount of satisfaction.”

Del Stover, aka President-for-Life. Also known as Mr. Whim-of-the-Week, Del is noted for showing u at every club meeting with a new, grand, over-the-top project for the club–and then forgetting all about it the next week as yet another world-changing idea comes to mind.

Favorite Rules Set: Games Workshop’s Lord of the Rings

Favorite Gaming Period: Napoleonics (but also big into Pulp)

Favorite Saying: “It is just me … or the dice?”

Worst Gaming Moment: “A friend was carrying six boxes of my hand-panted Napoleonic figures–thousands of figures. He trips, falls, and the boxes hit the concrete floor and burst open. Figures fly everywhere. For just a moment, I wasn’t sure if I was more worried about my friend or my figures. That’s left me with a lot of guilt. I hope my figures forgive me.”

Best Gaming Moment:

Kon Goynych aka “The Gaffer.” The newest addition to the club, Kon made himself instantly useful by bringing two big spotlights to Cold Wars and lit up the entry lobby where we have played in the dark for years.

Favorite Rules Set: De Bellis Antiquatis (DBA)

Favorite Gaming Period: Ancients (but also into Scifi and Fantasy)

Favorite Saying: “I’m not doing anything with YOUR light, I’m doing something with MY light…”

Worst Gaming Moment:

Best Gaming Moment:


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